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Southeastern News January & February 2018: Volume 14, Issue 1

A newsletter with news from and about Southeastern and the council's membership

Volume 14, Issue 1


Last summer many of you participated in Southeastern's member satisfaction survey, where we asked you what benefits you receive from Southeastern and what services you’d like the council to provide.

The results showed that most of you were looking for opportunities to get together and learn from each other through informal networking. Successful networking events involve member participation at many levels: we need ideas on what topics you want covered, we need people to assist Southeastern staff to plan and moderate the meetings, and most importantly, we need people like you to attend and participate!

We are pleased to announce seven upcoming Special Interest Group meetings for early 2018 that cover a range of topics sure to meet the needs of many of you. There are two Special Interest Group meetings for specific populations: Library Support Staff and Academic Library Directors. Other SIGs are by organized by topic: Information Literacy Instruction, Resource Sharing, Reference, Technology (Specifically looking at FOLIO this round), and High School to College Transition.

For those that are not familiar with how Southeastern’s Special Interest Group meetings are structured, they are meetings defined by a topic, moderated by a library staff member from a member library, where staff can come and talk and discuss and learn from each other. We create an archive of these meetings on a LibGuide so if you can't make it to every meeting, you can catch up on previous discussions. Participating is as simple as following the links below to register, and then joining us on the day of the SIG!

Warm Regards,
Tessa Killian
Executive Director

Upcoming Southeastern Events

Keep scrolling down the newsletter for details on each of these events.

At a glance:

View for all announced Southeastern events on our upcoming events webpage

What is happening at Southeastern?

SENY-Con Call for Proposals

Call for Proposals - SENY-Con 2018

Southeastern's premier annual event for members to share their work.

Apply here!

On Friday, April 13, 2018, Southeastern will host our third annual conference to highlight the unique talents residing at our member organizations.

Are you working on a presentation for a conference like NYLA or SUNYLA and want to give it a test run in front of a friendly audience? Did you already present something at a conference that would be of interest to a local audience? Do you want to share something you do at work - best practices - with others? Could you use a forum to practice your public presentation skills? We invite you to share your knowledge with your colleagues at SENY-Con 2018!

Using the online form, please let us know about your project, idea, or presentation, and a committee will decide which proposals will be selected to create the most diverse and engaging day. The deadline for proposals is Monday, January 15, 2018!

HRVH Year in Review

2017 in review

Hudson River Valley Heritage Year in Review

Hudson River Valley Heritage ( had remarkable growth in 2017! In fact, 2017 holds the record for the most files added in a single year.

New contributors include the Reher Center for Immigrant Culture and History, Nathan S. Kline Institute for Psychiatric Research, Greenwood Lake Public Library, and Mountain Top Library (Tannersville, NY).

The Reher Center contributed photographs, documents, and artifacts that help tell the story of the Reher family and their kosher bakery which they operated for over 60 years in Kingston, NY.

Nathan S. Kline Institute contributed images of former Institute directors and notable political and mental health figures from the 1960s to the 1980s.

Greenwood Lake Public Library’s collection is the result of a migration from a legacy system. The collection consists of obituary files and local history scrapbooks. They also migrated several newspaper titles to

Mountain Top Library is actively contributing historic postcards and the genealogy files to the Greene County Library Association’s HRVH collection.

In addition to all those new collections, some long-standing HRVH members were busy digitizing this past year! Here are some highlights:

SUNY New Paltz and Liberty High School added to their respective yearbook collections resulting in the addition of many thousands of pages to HRVH in 2017. Keep an eye out for Chatham Public Library’s yearbook collection which will be added in early 2018.

Historic Huguenot Street added New Paltz Reformed Church records from the 17th and 18th centuries.

Historic Red Hook doubled the size of its digital collection with the contribution of Ward Manor images and the Harriet Martin Dey photographs.

The Putnam County NY History Collection, a collaborative project coordinated and funded by the Putnam County Historian’s office, saw the addition of 150 files. Many of the new additions were contributed by the Patterson Historical Society.

The Hudson River Maritime Museum expanded their collection with the addition of Hudson River tugboat images. An accompanying online exhibit is being planned for 2018.

Newburgh Free Library continued adding to their collection of Glebe documents and recently began a new project to digitize the Edward E. Ruttenber Civil War collection.

The strength and value of HRVH comes from the diversity of our amazing contributing organizations. We look forward to seeing what the HRVH community has to share in 2018!

Images from the collections

Portrait photograph of the Reher Family

Portrait photograph of the Reher Family, Reher Center for Immigrant Culture and History

Visitors and crew on the Cornell tug "Primrose"

Visitors and crew on the Cornell tug "Primrose", Hudson River Maritime Museum

HTML and CSS for Library Professionals

HTML and CSS for Library Professionals

Customize your web pages and edit your colors!

Registration Details

HTML and CSS for Library Professionals

Date: Thursday, Feburary 8, 2018* 
Time: 1:30pm-4:30pm
Location: Southeastern NY Library Resources Council, 21 S. Elting Corners Rd. Highland, NY
Trainer: Robin Davis, Emerging Technologies Librarian, John Jay College of Criminal Justice (CUNY)

*Snow date: Thursday, March 1, 2018

More info and registration at:

About the class

Learn or review the fundamentals of HTML and CSS in the context of common library web services. We'll walk you through two projects: editing the look of a blog post and customizing a LibGuides interface. You'll be provided with easily editable bundles of code and step-by-step instructions. By the end of the workshop, you'll be prepared to implement customized interfaces and will have a better understanding of HTML and CSS basics. No prior experience is necessary.

Learning outcomes:

  • Use browser features to see how any webpage is built
  • Understand why HTML and CSS are used in tandem (structure + style)
  • Understand nesting and 10 basic tags in HTML
  • Understand web colors and 10 basic properties in CSS
  • Use HTML and CSS for inline editing and site design
  • Know where to find more info

The workshop is $25 for members (including affiliate members) and $40 for non-members.
All attendees will receive a certificate for CE Credit. CTLE credit is also available for NYS Educators.

Library Support Staff SIG

Library Support Staff SIG

A Special Interest Group for Regional Library Support Staff!

Registration Information

Date: Tuesday, January 9, 2018
Time: 9:30am - 12:30pm
Location: Southeastern
Convener: Amy Smith, Red Hook Public Library

Register here:

This event is free for all Southeastern members and affiliate members. (Members of members.) 

About the SIG

Register here

This is a meeting for support staff at academic and public libraries in the Southeastern Region to have an open conversation and to meet each other. The agenda and meeting topics are set by the SIG participants. We will be continuing the conversation we started at the last meeting, and discussion topics could include, and are not limited to:

  • Creating a networking opportunity for library staff that doesn't always have a chance to meet colleagues at other area libraries.
  • Facilitating a skill share so that library staff can learn about productivity tools, best practices and other things to help with their work.
  • Fostering a community to address on-the-job concerns and challenges with colleagues.
  • Updating each other on regional resource sharing.
  • How to address privacy concerns in the library.
  • Figuring out ways to bring better customer service ideals to our workplaces.
  • Sharing better ways to work with volunteers, students, and interns.
  • Trying to decide when and if to pursue further study in the field.
  • Advocating for more webinars, training, and regional classes as well as funding to attend them.

If you didn't make it last time, you are always welcome to join us this time! Notes from the previous meeting are on our SIG LibGuide here

Library Directors SIG

Academic Library Directors Special Interest Group

Meet up with other Academic Library Directors in the Southeastern region!

Registration Information

Date: Wednesday, January 10, 2018*
Time: 9:30am - 12:30pm
Location: Southeastern
Facilitator: Kari Mack, SUNY Ulster

*Snow date: Thursday, January 19

Register here:

Library Directors SIG

Academic Library Directors are welcome to join us for a special interest group meeting. The focus of this meeting will be a discussion about how the library's performance contributes to institutional effectiveness. We will use the ACRL publication, "Academic Library Impact: Improving Practice and Essential Areas to Research" to inform our discussion. There will also be time to brainstorm solutions to other common problems in library management as well as open networking time.

If you are interested in attending and would like to reference the meeting notes from the last SIG in January 2016, we will email a link to everyone who registers. If you are able to make it to this gathering, please register below. This meeting is for Southeastern members who are directors of academic libraries. Deputy and assistant directors who work in an administrative capacity at large institutions are also welcome. We look forward to seeing you here!

Instruction SIG

Library Instruction SIG

The Instruction Librarians are meeting up again in 2018.

Registration Information

Date: Thursday, January 25, 2018*
Time: 10:30am - 1:30pm
Location: Southeastern
Convener: Jen Park, Mount Saint Mary College

*Snow date: Thursday, February 1, 2018

Register here:

About the SIG

This lunchtime SIG will focus on a topic about Library Instruction. We will meet over lunch (BYO or join us for a deli order.) This meeting will be focused on best practices for promoting our instruction, and participants will be welcome to guide the discussion.

Have you had success with marketing your library instruction sessions to faculty? What tactics have you used to produced buy-in from the campus? If you have not had success, in which areas (academic discipline, instruction level, etc.) do you feel that your sessions are lacking? Come prepared to discuss your successes, failures, and plans when it comes to marketing your library instruction sessions.

If you would like a refresher on the conversations the group has had so far, you can find notes from the last meeting on the LibGuide here: Even if you couldn't attend previous meetings or haven't been able to participate in a while, we encourage you to join us this time and meet your colleagues!

This event is free for all Southeastern members and affiliate members. (Members of members.) 

Resource Sharing SIG

Resource Sharing SIG

A Special Interest Group for Resource Sharing Staff!

Registration Information

Date: Friday, February 16, 2018*
Time: 1:00pm - 4:00pm
Location: Southeastern
Convener: Theresa Davis, Mount Saint Mary College

*Snow date: Friday, February 23, 2018

Register here:

About the SIG

Register here

The Resource Sharing Special Interest Group (SIG) is a meeting for staff at Southeastern member organizations who do resource sharing for part or all of their job. Attendees from all organization types are welcome: academic, public, school, special, and hospital libraries. At this meeting, we will take some time to look at library policy, and we encourage you to bring examples of rules in your library.

Other topics of conversation can include, but are not limited to: Customer Service for Interlibrary Loan, ILL Policies, Lending A/V, problem-solving difficulties with ILL systems (WorldCat, Docline, Loansome Doc), SEAL, Buy or Borrow, etc. The meeting's convener will work with attendees to determine which topics are most of interest to the attendees, and will help to form breakout discussion groups as well as facilitate discussions with the full group. Any topics not covered at this meeting might come up at future SIG meetings. Additionally, topics worthy of deeper discussion might become topics of future professional development programs. 

Notes from the previous meeting can be found online here:

This event is free for all Southeastern members and affiliate members. (Members of members.)

Reference SIG

Reference Special Interest Group

Calling all reference librarians! There's now a SIG for you!

Registration Information

Date: Wednesday, March 7, 2018*
Time: 9:00am - 12:00pm
Location: Southeastern Conference Room
Facilitator: Beth Zambito, Newburgh Free Library

*Snow date: Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Reference SIG

This will be the second meeting of the Special Interest Group for Reference Librarians! The meeting is open to staff from all types: academic, public, hospital, special, etc. We will talk about the similarities and differences between different kinds of reference and get to the heart of the matter: best practices for getting patrons the materials they need. 

The discussion will be informal, and the agenda will be finalized by attendees based on what topics are of interest to the group. If you are new to Southeatern's SIG meetings or if you want to catch up, We have created a libguide so that you can view notes from previous SIG Meetings.

Registration is free for all members and affiliate members. (Members of members, and of other ESLN councils.) We hope you can join us.

Tech SIG

Technology SIG

Stay up to date on the latest open source technology.

Details for registrants

Technology Special Interest Group

Date: Tuesday, March 13, 2018*
Time: 9:30am - 12:30pm
Location: Southeastern Conference Room
Convener: Denise Garofalo, Mount Saint Mary College
*Snow Date: Tuesday, March 20, 2018

free for Southeastern members and affiliates of Southeastern members

More info and registration at:

What will be covered in the meeting

Have you heard about the community collaboration to develop an open source Library Services Platform (LSP) known as FOLIO? Would you like to learn about this initiative together? Come to the Information Technology SIG meeting for mutual discovery and discussion of this partnership to innovate, develop a new open source library services platform, and transform library technology. 

Check out and for background info to prepare for our meeting.

Regional News

Ask the Lawyer

Ask The Lawyer!

Southeastern has acquired the services of an attorney to offer members timely input on intellectual property, digital rights management, vendor contracts, and other legal issues that can impact library operations.

Southeastern members are eligible to participate as are member library systems and their member libraries. To submit an inquiry to the Southeastern’s Ask the Lawyer service, use this form, which submits your question to the attorney and the Council.  Prior to completing the form, which discusses the confidentiality of your query, please check the Recently Asked Questions (RAQ) on Western NY Library Council’s website, where there is a comprehensive list of questions and answers from participating library councils. Another library may have already asked the same question and you may find your answer here.

Recent questions and answers include:

  • Trademark Considerations When Promoting a Conference
  • Sharing supplemental textbook resources
  • Digitization of Video Recordings Not In Public Domain
  • NY Statute § 4509. Library records

Once you ask your question, the response might be in the form of a confidential memo shared with the Council and the member library that inquired, or (with your consent) may become part of a more general RAQ or a training session.

Please keep in mind that the Ask the Lawyer service is not legal representation of your organization. Always alert officers at your institution if a lawsuit is threatened, or if a matter is so specific or critical that your own institution’s attorney should be involved.

NYLA's Library Advocacy Day

Save the date and join us! Southeastern staff will be attending and all Trustees, members, and friends are welcome and encouraged to join us. New York is facing serious budget problems in the coming year, so let us make certain that our representatives understand the value in preserving funding for libraries of all types!

NYLA's Library Advocacy Day

WEDNESDAY, February 28, 2018

Each year library advocates from across New York State converge on Albany to voice their support for funding and policies that benefit libraries. 

Together our efforts have resulted in over $12M in additional library aid since 2011.

The Rally for Library Advocates 12:00 PM

Gather in the "Well" of the LOB at 12:00 PM for a Library Advocate's Rally!
Join fellow Library Advocates and plan to make your voices heard!

Legislative Office Visits

Meetings with individual Legislators (or their office) are coordinated by library systems, or regional coordinators.  NYLA will have a listing of all the legislative office visits that we have been made aware of at the NYLA Base Camp (LOB120).

Learn more about how you can advocate on NYLA's website.

Computers in Libraries Registration Discount

Southeastern members are eligible for a discount to Computers in Libraries, which will take place April 17-19, 2018 at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City in Arlington, VA.

Either use the discount code below or follow the link to receive the member price.

Code (if not using the link): ESLN18

Employment Opportunities on the Southeastern Job Board

We frequently post jobs that are open in the region. If you haven't visited lately, check out the Employment Page on our website. And if you know of an open position from Intern to Director, please email it to us at, and we will be happy to post it for you!

Apply today for one of the scholarships to attend the 2018 YSS Spring Conference

Apply today for one of the scholarships to attend the 2018 YSS Spring Conference on Friday April 13, 2018 at the Sheraton Syracuse University Hotel & Conference Center in Syracuse, NY! There are two scholarships available. Each of the scholarships is designed to cover registration fees and up to $250 reimbursement for hotel charges, meals, and transportation costs for attending the conference. Don't delay -- the deadline for the application is February 1, 2018.
The purpose of Spring Conference Scholarships is to encourage continuing education in the field of library youth services by participating in the annual YSS Spring Conference. Two awards are given annually. The first is the New Member Spring Conference Scholarship. It is given to a new member of our profession. The second is the Lisa C. Wemett Spring Conference Scholarship. It is given to a highly motivated established librarian who has had a significant impact on youth and youth services in her/his community
YSS 2018 Spring Conference Scholarship Page
2018 YSS Spring Conference Registration Page
Scholarship questions? For further information contact:

Jennifer Daddio
YSS Scholarship Committee Chair
Pearl River Public Library
80 Franklin Avenue
Pearl River, NY 10965

ESLN Webinar for Historical Collections

Navigating Digital Repositories for New York’s Historical Collections

Date: Wednesday, January 24th, 2018
Time: 1pm - 2:30pm
Location: your computer

Link to register:

This webinar is an introduction to the digital collections of the Empire State Library Network in New York (ESLN), with a focus on the larger repositories that provide more convenient search across collections. The webinar will help member institutions better serve end users in locating archival and special collections resources and familiarize attendees with the navigation of these digital repositories. The webinar will begin by looking at digital collections and digital repositories: what they are and how they can be advantageous for end users. It will also include advice on how to use metadata as a means of navigation and how to determine copyright and re-use status of resources.

Attendees will be introduced to several regional platforms in New York, like New York Heritage (NYH), Digital Culture of Metropolitan New York (DCMNY), and Hudson River Valley Heritage (HRVH), as well as the national portal Digital Public Library of America (DPLA).


Karen Li-Lun Hwang, Digital Projects and Metadata Librarian, Metropolitan New York Library Council,

Jennifer Palmentiero, Digital Services Librarian, Southeastern New York Library Resources Council,

Ryan Perry, Digital Collections Librarian, Central NY Library Resources Council

Public Librarian Certificate Applications and Renewals

Important information regarding Public Librarian Certificate applications and 5-year renewals

New Applications

All new applications for public librarian certification must be made through the portal at  The application in the online portal provides instructions for mailing the application fee ($5) and providing an official transcript with degree conferral date to the State Library.   Upon receipt of all materials, and final approval of the application, a Public Librarian Certificate issued by the State Education Department will be emailed to applicants.


Certificates received after December 31, 2009 must be actively renewed prior to their five year expiration date in order to remain ACTIVE.  The status and expiration dates of Public Librarian Certificates may be verified by using the “Search for Certified Public Librarians in New York State since 1970” link on the Public Librarian Certification webpage at .

If you have not updated your contact information in the online portal please create an account at and update your information so that you will receive reminders via e-mail about upcoming certificate expiration dates.  If you do not complete 60 hours of professional development and renew your certificate you will be listed in the system as INACTIVE.  If your certificate has expired and you have not completed 60 hours of professional development you may apply for a temporary certificate.

Additional information about public librarian certification requirements is available on the State Library's website at

Questions about the online portal or about New York State public librarian certification requirements may be sent to

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