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SENYLRC Matters May & June 2015: Volume 11, Issue 4

Volume 11, Issue 4

Welcome from Tessa Killian, SENYLRC's Executive Director

Hello Members,

You are invited to Southeastern’s 48th Annual Meeting, which will take place on June 5, 2015 at Mount Saint Mary College in Newburgh, NY.

Members have shared with us that you enjoy touring the region’s libraries and archives and cultural heritage sites. We took that into account, and this year you have the opportunity to visit and tour the new Kaplan Family Library at Mount Saint Mary College, which has been open for about a year.

In addition to their new facility, the library is also currently hosting a fine art reproduction of an original illuminated manuscript, a volume of the Saint John’s Bible. The Annual Meeting is an exciting opportunity to hear about the creation of the manuscript from the Executive Director of the Heritage Program, Jim Tiggs, who will be visiting from Minnesota to share the story of this unique project. We will also hear from Ron Patkus, Associate Director of the Libraries for Special Collections at Vassar College. Ron is a scholar of private press bibles, and will speak to us about the benefits special collections can have on enhancing local libraries.

At the conclusion of the meeting, you will have the opportunity to get an up-close look at the Saint John's Bible, complete with the illuminations and in full-size, which is three feet wide when opened!

We look forward to seeing you at this year’s meeting where you can network with colleagues, enjoy great food (thanks to our generous sponsors), learn about special collections, and honor this year’s recipient of the Twila Snead Award.

I hope to see you there,
Tessa Killian, Executive Director

Upcoming SENYLRC Events

See the newsletter below for the details and registrations, or our calendar on the left.

At a glance:

  • Thursday, May 14: Data Analysis Workshop with Deborah Lines Andersen
  • Monday, May 18: MarcEdit Workshop with Terry Reese
  • Tuesday, May 26: Using Data for Peer Benchmarking Webinar
  • Thursday, May 28: Hospital Libraries: Challenges and Opportunities Webinar
  • Friday, June 5: The 48th Annual Meeting of the Council
  • Wednesday, June 10: Writing and Communication Workshops with Pat Wagner
  • Friday, June 19: Building Communities of Practice: A Workshop for Meeting Facilitators
  • TBD June or July, Bibliographic Instruction SIG at West Point

View for all announced SENYLRC events on our upcoming events webpage

What is happening at Southeastern?

The Annual Meeting

The 2015 Annual Meeting

Registration is now open for the 48th Annual Meeting of the Council!

at the Kaplan Family Library & Learning Center, Mount Saint Mary College, Newburgh, NY on

June 5, 2015

Schedule of events:

  • 8:30am Registration and Breakfast (sponsored by Hudson Archival)
  • 9:15am Welcome remarks by Tessa Killian, Executive Director, SENYLRC
  • 9:45am Business meeting, committee recognition, and Twila Snead Award presentation by Barbara Petruzzelli, Board of Trustees President, SENYLRC
  • 10:15 Coffee break
  • 10:30am Keynote presentation, "The Saint John’s Bible: Igniting the Spiritual Imagination." Speakers: Jim Triggs, Executive Director, Heritage Program, The Saint John's Bible, Saint John's University & Ron Patkus, Head of Special Collections, Vassar College
  • 12:30pm Lunch (Sponsored by The Hudson River Valley Institute)
  • 1:00pm Tours of the Kaplan Family Library and an up-close visit of the St. John's Bible

Annual Meeting Postcard

This event is partially subsidized by SENYLRC and our sponsors:

The Hudson River Valley Institute
Hudson Archival

SENYLRC Governing and HRVH Members - $20 per person, Non-members - $35 per person
RSVP by Wednesday, May 27


Big Digitization News in Short:

Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) is Cool.

that's why we are so excited that...

Hudson River Valley Heritage (HRVH) is now part of DPLA!

The DPLA Press Release

In April, HRVH and Empire State Digital Network (ESDN) were pleased to announce that 87,667 digital materials from New York institutions are became available in the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA)! All records contributed through the ESDN are online here: (That number of records has since grown by the thousands).

Want to know more and see which HRVH collections are involved? A full list of local contributors and links to their holdings are online here:

(Coming soon - Nyack Library's collection of over 5,000 items!)

And don't forget to keep up with us on Facebook, where we feature a new image each week to celebrate #ThrowbackThursday!

SENYLRC staff will continue to work with members with HRVH collections to harvest their collections to the DPLA in the coming year.

Funding for ESDN is provided through the NY 3Rs Association, Inc and METRO.

HRVH & DPLA Highlights - what is the big deal?

Digital Public Library of America is a national initiative to aggregate digital content from America’s libraries, archives and museums. DPLA leverages the digitization already occurring around the country by harvesting metadata records and thumbnail representations from a number of source repositories. This means that users can search almost 10 million metadata records. Each DPLA record links the searcher to the item in its host repository, so that person can keep searching and browsing at the original source, possibly discovering a new resource along the way. 

DPLA has a one-to-one relationship with large institutions such as the National Archives and Records Administration, The Smithsonian Institution and the New York Public Library and works with them directly to harvest content from their respective digital repositories. These large repositories are known as “Content Hubs” in DPLA-speak. Beyond that, DPLA is working with what they call “Service Hubs” in each state to get the content from smaller repositories. Service Hubs are responsible for aggregating content from their state in order to send one stream of normalized metadata from their state. This is how HRVH is now able to contribute to this national collection.

The Empire State Digital Network (ESDN) is the DPLA Service Hub for New York State. The ESDN is administered by Metropolitan New York Library Council (METRO) in collaboration with SENYLRC and the other regional library councils collectively working as NY 3Rs Association, Inc.. SENYLRC members with digital collections in Hudson River Valley Heritage ( can participate in DPLA by allowing the ESDN to harvest their records and thumbnail images and feed them to DPLA. Once HRVH users sign off on this permission, SENYLRC staff work closely with ESDN staff to prepare the metadata records for harvesting.

We are very excited to be participating in this national project and hope it provides our HRVH partners with greater exposer to their unique and valuable resources.

Image above is Nevele Falls, Ellenville, NY. The thumbnail and metadata are now part of DPLA, which links to the full record in HRVH.

All of New York's representation in DPLA

New York has 142,360 records (and counting) in DPLA, making it one of the top contributing states. You can check out the really cool interactive DPLA Gets Local heat map to geo-locate other records!

In addition to searching by location, there are other ways to search holdings in DPLA:

Browse one of the 16 curated exhibitions

Search by date on the timeline

How we got here

As you can imagine, this project could only get off the ground with the dedicated work of local participants.

Marlboro Free Library and Wilderstein Historic Site were two of our HRVH pilot projects/organizations in 2004-2005 and were instrumental in getting HRVH off the ground.

Asha Golliher from the Ellenville Public Library & Museum was part of the early DPLA planning process, and participated in the "Creating a Blueprint for the Digital Public Library of America" conference held in Los Angeles in 2011.

W. Mark Colvson, Dean, Sojourner Truth Library, SUNY New Paltz serves on the Empire State Digital Network Advisory Committee.

Big Digitization News in Short:

You can be part of HRVH. Contact Jen Palmentiero to find out how!

Pat Wagner is Teaching at SENYLRC!

Writing Skills for Workplace Success & Communication Mistakes only Really Really Smart of Busy People Make

Come see workplace training expert Pat Wagner in person and hone your professional skills!

Writing Skills for Workplace Success

Writing Skills for Workplace Success

Date: Wednesday, June 10, 9:00am-12:00pm

Register here:

A conversation with Pat Wagner on ‘Writing Skills for Workplace Success,’ a hands-on program in which participants learn effective writing skills and put them into practice.

Can adults learn to write?
Yes. It can be developed through practice like any other skill. The problem is that adults with little writing experience come in with psychological barriers. Some have been called stupid by a parent or teacher, or their writing has been criticized in such a way as to scare them away from the whole process. Also, many people have an inflated view of what it means to be a writer. They assume that in order to write at all you have to be the best. It’s just not true. I made part of my living for 25 years as a professional writer. I wasn’t the best, but I was reliable, accurate, worked well with my editor, and I understood my audiences.

Can you be influential in your workplace without good writing?
It’s much harder. For better or worse, the people above you on the food chain are always looking at you, always judging, watching for talent and skills. The management in any company wants their employees to be able to express themselves well, and writing is a big part of that. In large, formal organizations employees are expected to communicate through memos, essays, reports, etc., and in these instances both good and poor writing stand out.

How can writing well advance your career?
I have competed with people for various gigs who were more qualified and experienced than me; I got the work because I was a better writer. Good writing will benefit people even if they aren’t on a career track. For example, a fry cook at a fast food restaurant might have a great idea. His supervisor says “I love it, write up a memo, and we’ll send it up the chain.” Being able to write well is key in such situations.

Communication Mistakes Only Really Really Smart or Busy People Make

Communication Mistakes Only Really Really Smart or Busy People Make

Date: Wednesday, June 10, 1:00pm-4:00pm

Register here:


Intelligent busy people sometimes cut corners when it comes to workplace relationships. Are you a degreed professional, devoted scholar and researcher, or just a superior smart cookie? You might have been rewarded for brilliant ideas, big grants, and amazing productivity, but not so much for getting along well with others. Now that no one wants to be part of your team, what will you do?


Introduction: Some Of Our Best Friends Are Really Smart…
The Key Idea: A High I.Q. Is Not Enough
Are Smart People Human: Do They Sleep And Eat?
Do They Think They Are The Exception To Rules Of Civility?
Do They Respond To People Based On Perceived Status?
Do They Discount Emotions?
Do They Discount Information Outside Their Expertise?


  • Improve supervisory skills of employees with superior technical skills.
  • Maintain high standards for civility, not just productivity.
  • Attract more high-quality team members for special project.


Career Development And Job-Hunting, Interpersonal Communication, Self Employment

Registration Information for both Pat Wagner Workshops

Location: SENYLRC Conference Room

Cost: (one class) $20 for members, including all NY3R’s members, $25 non-members

          (both classes) $35 for members, including all NY3R’s members, $40 non-members

More info and registration at:

*There will be a one-hour break between classes to order lunch from the deli or BYO

About Pat Wagner, Educator and Producer | Siera

Pat Wagner has been a trainer and consultant for libraries and library organizations since 1978. She has worked with all types of libraries and has been a visitor to NY libraries since 2001. Pat focuses on the skills needed to improve productivity, the library customer experience, and workplace relationships, including personnel, management, leadership, strategic planning, marketing, and career growth issues. Pat is known for her practical and good-humored programs.

All participants will receive a certificate of completion for CE Credits

Facilitators Workshop

Run a great meeting

Leading a great meeting isn't a talent, it's a skill. You can learn that skill here!

Davis Erin Anderson

As Community Engagement Manger, Davis works to build a strong online and offline network among the diverse membership of the Metropolitan New York Library Council. In just her two years with METRO, the Special Interest Group Program introduced 9 new interest groups, and participation in new and extant groups has grown steadily. As a facilitator, Davis has hosted successful gatherings like Networking Beyond Connecting, Following, and Friending; both iterations of METRO's "Welcome to the Profession!" Open House; a webcast series for professionals new to the library field, and METRO's Annual Conference. She is a co-convener of METRO's Social Media SIG.

A graduate of Pratt Institute's School of Information and Library Science, Davis also holds two degrees in music performance. An active member of SLA, Davis is a recipient of SLA’s Rising Star Award and is honored to have been included in Library Journal’s Movers & Shakers Class of 2012.

Building Communities with Davis Erin Anderson

Building Communities of Practice: A Workshop for Meeting Facilitators

Date: Friday, June 19, 2015
Time: 1:30pm - 4:30pm
Location: SENYRLC
Presented by: Davis Erin Anderson

*Cost: $15 for members, including all NY3R's members, $20 for non-members

Register here:

Planning successful meetings - from special interest group convenings to staff get-togethers and beyond - is both and art and a science. While you're faced with lots of decisions to make during the course of creating a successful event, there's no greater feeling than knowing your work provides a true service to your community.

This half-day session will focus on the skills needed to execute a great gathering. We will discuss the nuts and bolts of crafting your gathering, including discovering topics that will draw a group together, selecting speakers, identifying viable meeting formats, and creating an environment for helping a group reach a successful outcome.

In addition, this workshop will cover strategies for getting the word out about your gathering and gaining traction with participants so they look forward to future events. Finally, we'll talk about running the meeting itself, being a great host, and following up with participants in order to encourage continued participation.
This workshop will cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time; resources to go in-depth on any of the covered subjects will be dispersed at the workshop. Participants will be invited to share their own tips and advice with their colleagues.

If you take this class and then agree to convene a SIG at SENYLRC before June 30, 2016, we will give you credit towards any other half-day SENYLRC class.

All participants will receive a certificate of completion for CE Credits

Publishing in Libraries

Publishing in Libraries

On Friday March 20, 2015, SENYLRC's Moshe Siegel attended the Publishing in Libraries Conference at The College at Brockport, State University of New York. This conference's aim was to raise awareness of:

  • library publishing projects currently underway at SUNY and area campuses,
  • broader ongoing scholarly conversations about academic publishing
  • common challenges at our campuses, and potential pathways of collaboration.

Publishing in Libraries

The following is Moshe's report from his experience at the conference:

The College at SUNY Brockport hosted a “Publishing in Libraries” conference this past March, sponsored in part by the SUNY Conversations in the Disciplines Program, SUNY Geneseo, and SUNY Plattsburgh. The goals of this conference were to raise awareness of existing library publishing projects at SUNY and other college campuses, to engage scholars in a broader conversation about academic publishing, and to address the opportunities—and challenges —of collaboration between institutions and organizations.

Per keynote speaker Paul Royster (the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Coordinator of Scholarly Communications and publisher of their imprint, Zea Books), a main objective for academic library publishing is to “regain, liberate, or occupy scholarly communication”—this theme recurred throughout the day’s panels and discussions as librarians and researchers discussed how in-house publishing can revolutionize the scholarly publication ecosystem. “Open access” publication of scholarly research is a major motivation for these academic library publishing efforts, with the end goal of providing broader access to research data, rather than warehousing it behind journal paywalls and within exorbitantly-priced textbooks.

Other library publishing discussions included reports from grantees of the NY 3Rs “Library as Publisher” I2NY workgroup project, which sponsored publishing projects at Fulton Public Library (a memoir-publishing program for local retirees) and the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry (a student-research data archive). Each grantee presented the details of their (successful!) projects, illustrating the potential for an endless variety of library publishing initiatives.

Information from this conference is available via SUNY Brockport Digital Commons:

Did You Know?

...that SENYLRC has a really active Twitter Feed?

... that Museum Village was in the news?

From The Record Online:

"Monroe — On March 31, Museum Village at 1010 Route 17M in Monroe, through its Hudson River Valley Heritage (HRVH) membership, began putting information online at

'This is a very exciting moment for us,' said Michael Sosler, Executive Director at Museum Village. 'One of the goals of the museum is to have our collections accessible online. The bigger the audience, the more we can spread our educational values.'"

The "Paper Mache Fisherman" is one of the artifacts that can be found online and can also be seen in person at the museum. Photo provided

...that we save you billions?

In April, LinkedIn spent $1.5 Billion dollars to own something that you as a SENYLRC member can access right now!

Visit to find out how you can get 30 days of access to's online video tutorials and start learning now!

News You Can Use

Library Freedom Project article in The Nation

As part of her investigation into librarians' role in protecting our freedom to go online privately, reporter Zoe Carpenter visited our recent event, "The Library Freedom Project" and wrote about it for The Nation:

From the article: "Macrina was nearly an hour into a presentation on digital privacy. She and her colleagues had covered encrypted browsers, tracking, mobile security, surveillance laws, and what to do if federal agents show up with a letter from the government demanding library records. Many of the librarians were bent over their notebooks, scribbling frantically as Macrina whipped through her slides."

Want more Library Freedom Project? NYLA is hosting a webinar with Kade Crockford:

Freedom or the Status Quo: Congress’ Failure to Protect Our Privacy in the Digital Age

June 9th, 2015, 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM Presented by: Kade Crockford

Over the past fourteen years, congress has only acted to erode Fourth Amendment protections. The most important privacy laws on the books haven’t been updated in decades, leaving them woefully inadequate to protect our information in the digital 21st century. Technology moves much faster than the law, leaving all of us at risk of routine privacy and human rights violations. Learn about exactly what kinds of information government agencies are collecting without warrants, and the basic fixes to the law we need to ensure the possibility of privacy for the next generation.

For more information and to register, click here.

RDA Toolkit 2015-2016

Discounted access to the RDA Toolkit is again available through a NY 3R's arrangement.

SIGN UP HERE for access.

The member discount is 17%, and you must sign up by July 15, 2015


Applying for Mid-Hudson Regional Economic Development Councils 2015? Registration for Consolidated Funding Application (CFA) Workshops is now open!

5/29/15 6:00PM, New Paltz, SUNY New Paltz
6/10/15 6:00PM, Westchester, Westchester Community College
6/23/15 6:00PM,  Newburgh, Mount Saint Mary College

or see the flyer below for more information.

SUNYLA Registration

SUNYLA 2015: The Art of Librarianship @ Purchase College, SUNY

June 3-5, 2015

Registration is Now Open:

  • $165 for non-members
  • $115 for members
  • $50 for students
  • $75 for single day registration

* Deadline to register is 5/20/15.

If you have any questions please contact Logan Rath: And, for further conference information please visit the website SUNYLA 2015.

NY3R's Assesment Webinars

The NY 3Rs is offering a webinar series this year with a focus on Library Assessment. These are the next two scheduled:

Using Data for Peer Benchmarking and Best Practices with Bob Dugan

Tuesday, May 26, 10am-11:15am. Register here:

While trend analysis is used by most libraries to compare inputs and outputs internally, accrediting organizations may ask institutions for peer benchmarking information as part of a program's or institutional self-study. Additionally, libraries may want to identify other libraries that are successfully conducting a service they want to offer or improve, oftentimes referred to as a best practices study. An example would be providing longer public service hours with existing staff. Dugan will demonstrate the use of ACRLMetrics for benchmarking and best practices studies.

Community Engagement and Assesment with Susan Currie

Thursday, June 11, 2pm-3pm Register here:

This is a "nuts and bolts of assessment" webinar that describes how one library developed a community engagement process based on data collected, benchmarking, perception surveys; a community based "Blue Ribbon Panel", data visualization, and developed community education materials as well as developed a template for a strategic decision timeline and key stakeholder analysis.

Identify and utilize a variety of local assessment tools that may be used in conjunction with state and national resources.

  • Describe a current and ongoing example of data collection and assessment for a community engagement initiative.
  • Provide a template of how to present information gathered to represent and communicate the value and impact of the library to funding sources and the community.
  • Understand how to utilize data gathered to develop strategies for going forward.

These webinars are sponsored by the NY3Rs and is open to all SENYLRC members.

NYAC Conference

Registration is now open for the 2015 New York Archives Conference, to be held June 3-5 in Fredonia, NY!  Your registration should be completed no later than May 28th.

There is still time to apply for a professional development grant for the conference.  The application deadline is May 13th.  See the details and application materials at

Find the program and register at

Additional information, including a link to the conference local arrangements blog, is available at


You might have noticed emails that used to come from Member Services Librarian for Education and Outreach Carolyn Bennett are now coming from Carolyn Bennett Glauda. She's the same person (just more married) as of March 28, 2015. :)

Of note: "Glauda" pronunciation. It rhymes with the way a New Englander would call fish soup "Chowdah."

SENYLRC Matters is a group effort of input from SENYLRC's staff and is edited by Carolyn Bennett Glauda, Member Services Librarian for Education and Outreach.

Got news to share with the members? Email at any time. New hires, retirements, projects, we want to hear from you!

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