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Special Interest Group Meeting Notes: EDI SIG 06/09/2022

Notes from the most recent meetings of special interest groups at Southeastern


Jun 9, 2022 | southeastern EDI SIG


Facilitator: Beth Zambito, Finkelstein Library


Intro: Please be respectful, everyone!

Ice breaker: grab an item that is unique to you, and share its story or its meaning to you.


Today’s topic: Practical applications in the library of EDI best practices.

  • Question: How do you start building an EDI program in your library?  Or, how do you intend to start?

    • Get the lay of the land.  Understand issues, policies, board of trustees efforts/goals, the workplace culture, political landscape, etc.  NOT that you have to “keep” this culture but it’s good to understand the underlying structures.

    • RCLS created the Coalition for Library Workers of Color and built and offered programs through this. Offering a pilot program/course entitled “Culturally Responsive Libraries”.  Staff are taking & offering to member libraries.  Internal reflection, and working on outreach efforts

    • other staff training & education

    • patron base - trying to reflect the community’s diversity

    • diversity audits of collections

    • programming that promotes diversity

    • reviewing library policies + creating EDI policies

    • hiring practices, how to hire/retain more diverse staff?  is it welcoming?

    • diversifying library boards of trustees 

    • Library collection management ideas: 

      • labeling books (e.g. homosexual content): the pros and the cons! 

      • some people love book labels, but they aren’t always welcome for various reasons

      • ask your community what they think of content labels?

      • theme displays of books & other library materials

      • For consideration: are librarians concerned about offending people?


  • Question: Have you had an interpersonal conflict with a co-worker that may have stemmed from your intrinsic differences, such as race, gender, age, sexual orientation, or social class? How were you able to come to a successful resolution to this issue?

    • some things just cannot be resolved… 

    • From HR perspective - meet with the person making the allegation.  Any witnesses?  Last person interviewed was the person the allegation was made against.  Many times it was “he said/she said” - then get into credibility issue.


  • Question: Describe a successful resolution to this example between the new manager and an experienced staff member

    • Bring people together to work collaboratively.  Getting people involved TOGETHER on some issue sometimes works. Helping people coexist peacefully may be enough.

    • Mediation.  It does not work unless both parties are agreeable.  Ground rules must be established.  Communities, counties, and regions have trained mediators and also training for those who want to become mediators.  


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