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Privacy Basics on the Information Superhighway: Home

Resources from the October 16 presentation for RCLS

Event Description

What technology that is an integral part of modern life lets you go anywhere in the world but only functions well when you take care of it and requires of the help of an expert when it malfunctions?
There’s two answers! Your car and your computer. In this workshop, you will learn fundamentals of how the machinery functions and what you need to do to keep it running efficiently and safely, much like your car. Instead of talking about oil changes, seat belts, and airbags, we will talk about password managers, privacy-forward browsers, and risk assessments. In the same way you can keep your car running smoothly without needing to know exactly how the engine works, you will learn how to maintain your privacy when using the internet and how to keep your devices (including the computer in your car!) in good working order.




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