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HRVH Migration to NY Heritage: Home

This website contains information for HRVH contributors regarding the migration to NY Heritage

Migration to NY Heritage - General Information

Background Information

HRVH is powered by the CONTENTdm software, licensed from OCLC. Southeastern has hosted CONTENTdm on a local server since we first licensed the software in 2003. OCLC is no longer developing CONTENTdm for the locally-hosted environment, which means Southeastern no longer receives updates to the software.

Southeastern staff explored several migration options over the last year, with consultation from our Digital Advisory Committee and input from our HRVH community. The decision was made to migrate our digital collections to New York Heritage. New York Heritage is a collaborative effort of the Empire State Library Network, of which Southeastern is a member. New York Heritage is also powered by CONTENTdm and is hosted by OCLC, so it uses the most recent version of the software (which is mobile responsive!).



November 21, 2018 is our "Freeze Date": After this date, digital objects can no longer be added to or edited in HRVH. Southeastern staff will send reminders as the date approaches.

It should only take a few weeks to move all the collections to the NY Heritage server.

There are a few tasks Southeastern staff need to perform on the NY Heritage server before you can begin adding to or editing items in your collection. We will contact you individually when your collection is ready in NY Heritage. At that time, we will provide instructions for updating your CONTENTdm Project Client to connect to the New York Heritage server.

You will need to submit institutional-level and collection-level information for your landing pages in NY Heritage. This can happen before, during or after the migration. The sooner you provide this information, the sooner we can publish your collections in New York Heritage. We have created online forms for submitting this information. See below under "Actions You Need to Take" for links to the forms.

We will keep the static collections available at HRVH until all collections are published in New York Heritage. Our goal is to announce the completion of the migration at Southeastern's annual meeting on June 7th, 2019.


Contact Information

We are here to help you! If you have any questions about the migration or need any assistance with any of your tasks, please contact Jen Palmentiero: 845-883-9065 x116 or

Actions You Need to Take

Step 1: Create a WorldCat Account

Your current username and password will not work in New York Heritage. CONTENTdm usernames and passwords are now created and managed through WorldCat (another OCLC service).

You can create your free WorldCat account here:

Each person in your organization who works on digital collections should create their own account. Southeastern staff will need your username(s) to get you setup in New York Heritage. We will not need your password(s), but please record them somewhere, because you will!

Step 2: Submit your Institutional Metadata and Logo/Image

You will need to submit at least one WorldCat username during this step. Pease complete Step 1 first and create a WorldCat account for at least one person in your organization who will be working on your digital collections.

Use this Intuitional Metadata for NY Heritage Google Form to submit information about your organization which will be used on your Intuitional landing page in NY Heritage.

You may include a logo or image on your Institutional landing page. Ideally the image file should be around 475 pixels on the long side. Larger images can be resized easier than smaller images. If you have multiple versions of your logo, provide a few and we'll use the one that works best. Please email the file(s) to Jen at any time:

NOTE: If you are part of a consortium member, please fill out this form for your individual organization. Southeastern staff will work with your group at a later date to create a page for the consortium.

Step 3: Submit your Collection Level Metadata

Use this Collection Level Metadata for NY Heritage Google Form to submit information for collection landing pages in NY Heritage. Fill out the form for each digital collection you have. If you have multiple collections, you don't have to fill out all the forms in one sitting. You can submit them over time.

NY Heritage requires each organization to have at least one digital collection.

Digital collections are initially created by tagging each item in a collection with the same collection name in the Digital Collection field in item-level metadata records. Jen will contact you if you organization needs to take this step first.

Important Links

Southeastern NY Library Resources Council
21 South Elting Corners Road | Highland, NY 12528
Phone: (845) 883-9065