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Koha Resources: Koha Community Resources

Koha Community

Released in 2000, Koha is notable for being the first ever free and open source Integrated Library System. Koha has a robust community of participating libraries, support companies, and developers. The Koha website has some great resources that can be helpful to Koha users. A few of these tools are featured in the boxes below.

Staying up-to-date: Koha News

Koha Community News: Check here for updates on Koha. There is a monthly newsletter issued highlighting developments to the system, upcoming events, and tools for users.

Koha Listserv: The official listserv for Koha users across the globe. Participants use this to ask questions, share resources, and spotlight upcoming events.

Video Tutorials

Koha Youtube Page: A Youtube page featuring a variety of videos, such as interest group meeting recordings, tutorials, and system updates.

Koha Tutorials: Short tutorials on different Koha features offered by Bywater Solutions, a Koha support company.

Koha Manuals and Other Resources

Full Koha Manual: The Koha Website has a manual available on their site that covers every module of the system in detail. The manual includes instructions and screenshots for users.


Koha Wiki: A community wiki with resources for Koha users. It includes a tips and tricks page, as well as conference links, documentation for different functions, development information and much more.

SQL Reports Library: Koha has a feature that allows users to generate SQL reports. This community wiki contains sample SQL strings for a variety of unique queries.

Calendar: A calendar of upcoming events related to Koha. This includes several Special Interest Group meetings focusing on different Koha modules.

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