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Koha Resources: Copy-Cataloging Tools

General Copy-Cataloging Resources

This libguide contains resources for copy-cataloging. See the boxes below for resources on the structure of MARC records, locating subject headings, and more.

A few resources for general training on copy-cataloging:

  • Kelsey is available to provide training for library staff on copy-cataloging in Koha. Contact to set up an appointment.
  • Webjunction has free classes available on copy-cataloging, including an introduction to MARC records and a course focusing on assigning subject headings.

Basics of MARC Records

See below for a short video (6 mins) touching on the structure of MARC records. The video provides definitions for the components of MARC records such as fields, tags, indicators and subfields.

Library of Congress MARC fields overview: This resource provides information on all MARC fields. It includes detailed descriptions of every tag, along with examples and conventions of use.

MARC Field Cheat Sheet: This page lists definitions for some of the most commonly used MARC fields. It can be a handy way to look up field numbers.

Cataloging Communities

Autocat: A very active list-serv dedicated to all things cataloging.

Troublesome Catalogers and Magical Metadata Fairies: a Facebook group where users can ask questions and share resources related to cataloging.

All about Subject Headings!

Library of Congress Subject Headings:A search tool for looking up LoC subject headings. The search tool includes topical headings, as well as genre, geographic, and authority records.

Medical Subject Headings (MeSH): a site from National Library of Medicine with resources for using MeSH subject headings. This includes tutorials and a link to the MeSH browser, as well as several other relevant resources.

Worldcat: Worldcat is a great resource for locating potential subject headings. If the records you find through Z39.50 in Koha don't have any headings, try searching the title in Worldcat for some suggestions.

Miscellaneous Resources

OCLC logoClassify Tool: OCLC Classify is an experimental search tool that allows you to quickly see what call numbers other libraries have labeled particular items. When you search a title, a graph appears displaying the most commonly used Dewey or LCC Call numbers. It also displays the frequently assigned subject headings.

Cataloging Calculator:The Cataloging Calculator, developed by Kyle Banerjee, is a handy resource for looking up a variety of terms including MARC fields, geographic codes, language codes, and RDA content types. For example, if you want to look up a specific MARC field, you can search the calculator with either a keyword or a MARC number, and information on the field will appear.

ISBN Search: The ISBN search is a handy way to search for books by ISBN number. It can also be used to search by title and locate an ISBN, if you're missing one.

Additional Libguide: If you're interested in learning more about cataloging, Southeastern's sister council CDLC has a comprehensive cataloging libguide available on their site.

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