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Resources for SEAL: Re-starting

Plans for SEAL

Borrowing in SEAL will become available again later this summer, possibly at the beginning of August. Our exact date is tentative as it will depend on a variety of factors including public library system plans, Empire Library Delivery, and academic library plans. However, as libraries re-open, it is possible to begin returning some SEAL materials to their home libraries. See below for instructions depending on your library type.


Instructions for MHLS & RCLS libraries returning materials: You can return the following items via your public library system courier as usual (be sure to use typical SEAL routing slips to aid in sorting):

  • Materials for the other public library system.
  • Materials for academic libraries participating in Empire Library Delivery (see list below). Items will be held at the system until they can be delivered to the library via ELD.
  • Materials belonging to the New York State Library.


School / Special Library Systems Returning Materials: Returning items to libraries using methods such as US Mail, UPS, and Fedex is a bit trickier. Some libraries are not currently accepting item returns, and prefer people to hang on to materials for the time being. One of the best ways to ensure a library is accepting returns it to reach out to them directly before sending an item back. Contact information for individual libraries can be found in the SEAL directory

There are a few places you can also check to see if a library is open:

  • The current status of RCLS libraries is available here.
  • The current status of MHLS libraries is available here.
  • OCLC created a spreadsheet and map tracking academic libraries' return status across the country. Several of our regional libraries have submitted information indicating whether they are accepting returns. This information is available both as a searchable spreadsheet and a map.


If you have any questions or concerns about returning materials, contact Kelsey at, or by phone at 845-883-9065 ext 115.

Empire Library Delivery Updates

Empire Library Delivery is slowly re-starting around the state. ELD members who would like to request a re-start date can do so by filling out this survey. Requests will be reviewed by the courier who will then determine a date based on a variety of factors, including route and location. Locations that have started deliveries are highlighted in yellow on the ELD roster.

As of 7/07, delivery has not re-started in our region.

The following SEAL members participate in Empire Library Delivery:

  • Columbia-Greene Community College, SUNY
  • Dutchess Community College, SUNY
  • Mid-Hudson Library system member libraries
  • Mount St. Mary College
  • SUNY New Paltz
  • New York State Library   (Re-started delivery 6/22)
  • Orange County Community College, SUNY
  • Ramapo Catskill Library System member libraries
  • Rockland Community College, SUNY
  • Sullivan County Community College, SUNY
  • Ulster County Community College, SUNY
  • Vassar College
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