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SENYCon: SENY-Con 2018

An archive of presentations, photos and documents from Southeastern's annual conference

April 13, 2018

A blurred image of attendees in the Southeastern Conference Room at SENY-Con 2018

See below for a summary of presentations and handouts from this event:

Ulster County Women of Note

Get Your Head in the Cloud

Marla Gruner, SUNY Ulster

Heather Gorman, Newburgh Free Library, RCLS

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Do you often need to work with others on a single document in real time? Would you like to access your files from any computer or device? Are you frustrated by errant email attachments that seem to save on their own? We can help!

Google Drive is a free suite of products available to anyone with a Google account. It is frequently used by students and others as a free alternative to Microsoft Office and is part of Google’s Apps for Education. We will provide an overview and methods to use the Google products Sheets, Forms, Slides, and Docs for collaboration, organization, and productivity. We will also cover management of Google Drive.

WAVE and Web Accessibility

Personalizing the First Year Students' Library Experience

Making a difference with Instagram

Courtney Wimmers, Mid-Hudson Library System

Social media is an inescapable part of most people’s daily lives. In order for libraries to remain relevant, they need to embrace new forms of communication with their patrons and community through social media. For libraries to truly connect with their communities, they need to have an impactful social media presence. One of the most popular current social media platforms is Instagram. Instagram is a photo and video sharing site where users can interact with one another by following other users, and liking, commenting on, and sharing one another’s photos.

By creating an Instagram account and regularly interacting with people in the community, as well as local businesses and organizations, libraries can insert themselves into their patrons’ daily lives in a positive way. By interacting online with their community members, they are ensuring that people think about their library regularly in a positive light. A library’s online Instagram community is just as important as its real one. Libraries are often said to be the pillars and centers of their communities. Why wouldn’t a librarian want their library to be at the center of their online community as well?

Librarian Infiltration on Campus: Multi-faceted Outreach Methods

Tess Hartman-Cullen, SUNY Ulster

Marla Gruner, SUNY Ulster

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We will briefly show the myriad ways we are attempting to reach out to faculty, staff, and students to demonstrate the value of the library and to encourage use of our services. Some examples include social media, surveys, pop up libraries, and research assignment partnership.

Learn Forward: An Information Studies Curriculum for the 21st Century

KellyAnne McGuire, Bard College at Simon's Rock

A new era requires a new approach to information literacy. Instead of one-shots, clinics, and workshops, we engage 21st-century learners through a series of courses addressing transliteracy, which blends disparate literacies—information, digital, media, communication, and visual—necessary to successfully navigate rapidly evolving learning environments. Our innovative curriculum comprised of unique, one-credit, seven week courses takes traditional library instruction in a new direction, less narrowly focused on skills that have too little durable value outside the academy. Courses such as Reading Images, Information Design, Digital Privacy, and Information Privilege are designed with students’ needs and interests in mind. Combining theoretical readings with hands-on activities using emerging technologies creates confidence and resiliency in students. We will present our experience developing this curriculum, student and institutional response, and reflections.

Programming for All Abilities

Promoting Adoption of a New Idea: A Case Study of the Innovation-Decision Process of a Streaming Video Platform

Teaching Digital Literacy

The Great Weeding: Crash Course on Weeding Your Collection

Planning an Institutional Data Repository

Celebrating Faculty Scholarship

A Journey into the Past

A picture of archival images of nurses from Vassar Brothers

Mary Jo Russell, Vassar Brothers Medical Center

What can be found in the bottom of a box or in the wall of an old home? In both cases, an 1893 photo of nurses and the original accounting ledger! These are just a few of the findings that make up the collection of the Archives at Vassar Brothers Medical Center. With a story board and artifacts, this poster presentation will showcase examples of historical preservation and ongoing work to bring the history of the hospital to light.

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