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HRVH Primary Sources for Educators: A Different Kind of Propaganda

About the Lesson Plan

Author: Susan Kahabka

Subjects: Special Education, Social Studies

Grades: 9th, 10th

NY State Standards: SST2, ELA3, ELA1

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Lesson Summary: Students will be introduced to various propaganda posters that were produced during WW I. Students will be asked guided questions to study and analysis the posters to come to a conclusion about the author and purpose of the propaganda. After discussion and making connections to propaganda they are exposed to on a daily basis and sharing their responses to it we will look at a different kind of propaganda.

During the reign of Josef Stalin from the 1920's up to his death in 1953 he was a much feared and loved leader. He is infamous for his use of propaganda and employed a barrage of professional "air-brushers" to "edit out" undesirables from photographs. In essence he re-wrote history.

Students will learn that omission is also a form of powerful propaganda and that they cannot believe everything they read and see, they must investigate to get to the "truth". Students will have the opportunity to create their own piece of propaganda using a variety of mediums.

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