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Census 2020 for New York Libraries: Coronavirus Updates

Updates as of March 24, 2020

If you have information to share about your organization's outreach during this pandemic, please reach out to Carolyn Bennett Glauda and we will share it on our guide here.

From the Census Bureau

Virtual Media Toolkit

Sample Messages from the media toolkit:

  • Now more than ever, we should all respond to the
    Census online, by phone, or by mail. Responses are
    kept confidential, and it’s easy to respond
    in 12 non-English languages. The Census count
    directs federal funding for the next ten years to our
    community. Visit
  • Census data is used to extend billions of dollars
    in funding for hospitals, school lunch programs,
    Medicaid and resources that are needed every
    year, especially in uncertain times like now. Make
    sure everyone in your home is counted! FEDERAL
  • Love your college town? Do your part by
    counting yourself there on the 2020 Census,
    even if you are temporarily away due to
    Covid-19. Get the facts, then check in with your
    friends to make sure everyone gets counted at
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