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Educator Lab: High School to College Transition: Primary Sources

Curriculum, links, and notes from the Library Media Literacies class.

Promoting Civic Engagement Presentation

FDR Presidential Library

Explore the vast resources for Educators at the FDR Library:

Teacher Development Workshops

Distance Learning for your Classroom

Resources for Students

including media like the film below:

Ethics Bowl

Created in 1993 at the Illinois Institute of Technology, the Ethics Bowl has grown steadily over the years. Basically a contest of competing analyses of cases, and unlike debates in high school, three judges asks each team questions that arise on topics ranging from professional ethics to social and political topics, and teams are then scored by the judges on their responses both to the questions and to one another.

FDR Digital Collections


Access free copies of the New York Times and New Yorker articles posted above through NOVEL NY:

NOVELNY is an online library of literally hundreds of magazines, newspapers, maps, charts, research and reference books that are available to every New Yorker, free of charge. All you need is your public library card, New York driver license -or- New York Non-Driver ID. Students may also access the NOVELny databases through their school or academic library.

(You may also have access through your school or school library system. Please contact a librarian if you have difficulty logging into the system. It does require some clicking around before you get to the correct database and login page.)

The WHY Method

Adapted from their presentation called Beyond Crapp: An Updated Approach to Source Evaluation, the WHY method seeks to address the following questions: Who was the author? How was it edited? Why was this published? A link to the evaluation form is below, and more information is on their website link above.

Civic Engagment Links & Downloads

2020 Census

The Statistics in Schools programs is Teacher-designed. Teachers helped create and review each activity to make sure it is valuable and engaging. Easy to use. Materials are free, easily customized, and supportive of existing lesson plans. Valuable. SIS enhances learning, boosts statistical literacy, and prepares students for a data-driven world.

The lesson plan example we showed in the workshop was called How the Census Impacts My Community, and you can view it here or download it below.

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