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Educator Lab: High School to College Transition: 2018 Workshops

Curriculum, links, and notes from the Library Media Literacies class.


Educator Lab: High School to College Transition

The 2018 Educator Lab was held on June 26, 27, & 28. In the following pages, you will find presentations, handouts, and follow-up links that were part of the series. Keep an eye out for an announcement about the 2019 classes!

About the class

These Information literacy and research proficiency workshops will use active learning techniques to introduce classroom teachers to a wide range of free teaching and learning resources for practical use in the 21st century classroom. The classes will be taught by college and school librarians to provide educators with a solid foundation for teaching students how to be more information literate and how to use research in action so they are prepared for college.

These workshops will take place over three days. Attendees can come to one, two, or all three of the classes.

6/26/2018 Archival Resources in the Hudson Valley:

Learn about the network of local primary sources, many of which are unique to our region. You will learn about how use archives and government resources in school projects and how to incorporate websites like Hudson River Valley Heritage into lesson plans.

6/27/2018 Information Literacy:

Understanding effective search on Google and Wikipedia, website evaluation, copyright, plagiarism, citing sources, and how to incorporate Empire State Information Fluency Continuum and other standards in assignments that foster critical thinking.

6/28/2018 Research Proficiency:

What is expected in a current college research assignment, how to create good research questions, time management, achieving an understanding of how to incorporate the library’s catalog, databases, and lesser-known services into effective research. This class will be held at the Mount Saint Mary College Library in Newburgh, NY and will cover skills that you can apply to your own school’s library and other academic libraries in the Hudson Valley.

Final Assignment

About the class


Three days of workshops on how to use the library to incorporate resources into high school research. The course will cover ways to use local resources to help high school students prepare for college-level research.


Any 6th-12th grade classroom teacher who assigns research projects.

When & Where?

Hudson Valley Resources

Tuesday, June 26, 9am-4pm

@FDR Museum, Hyde Park, NY

Information Literacy

Wednesday, June 27, 9am-4pm

@FDR Museum, Hyde Park, NY

Research Proficiency

Thursday, June 28, 9am-4pm

@Mount Saint Mary College

330 Powell Ave, Newburgh, NY


Southeastern NY Library Resources Council is a certified sponsor of CTLE credit through the New York State Department of Education. Each class is 6 CTLE credit hours.


6/26/2018 Archival Resources in the Hudson Valley:

Jeffrey Urbin, FDR Presidential Library

Jennifer Palmentiero, Southeastern NY Library Resources Council

Susan Stessin-Cohn, Town of New Paltz

6/27/2018 Information Literacy:

Carolyn Bennett Glauda, Southeastern NY Library Resources Council

Ellie Horowitz, Dominican College

Gina Shelton, Dominican College

Lucy Miller, Arlington High School

6/28/2018 Research Proficiency:

Tiffany Davis, Mount Saint Mary College

Sharon Fetters, Saint Thomas Aquinas College

Ellie Horowitz, Dominican College


The workshops will include ongoing work on an annotated bibliography of resources that attendees can use in support of an instructional unit or objective.

Southeastern NY Library Resources Council
21 South Elting Corners Road | Highland, NY 12528
Phone: (845) 883-9065