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Guest and Community Borrowing: Home

A directory of academic libraries with borrowing options available for community members and guests.


 Southeastern Library Resources Council logoAlthough our home libraries are always great resources, it’s not possible for a library to have every item a patron might need. While inter-library loan through SEAL (Southeastern Access to Libraries) and other methods can help get you get elusive items, there are also many academic libraries in the Southeastern region that provide guest or community borrowers access to their collections.

 What is guest borrowing? Guest borrowing cards allow individuals to check out materials from libraries directly, even when they aren’t “home” patrons at that library. For academic libraries, guest borrowing extends access beyond the faculty, staff, students, and alumni of that institution. Guest borrowing can be a great option for researchers who need to access specialized collections, or those under time constraints who cannot rely on inter-library loan to receive items.

     This directory collects and details the guest borrower policies for academic libraries in the Southeastern, NY region. Entries for specific libraries are organized by the county they are located in. Each entry includes the costs, lending periods, and stipulations for guest borrowing. Many guest borrowing cards do have a small annual fee, and some limit the amount of items that can be taken out from the library at a time. It is important for patrons to be aware of these regulations and read each library's policies in full before applying for a guest borrower card. This guide also details whether or not each library allows for on-site access for their materials.

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Regional Catalog

SEAL LogoInterested in searching for library materials across the entire region? The SEAL catalog has up-to-date records from over 400 libraries in the area.

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