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Resources for Inter-library loan: ILL Networks - New York


In inter-library loan, libraries often collaborate with one another to create networks with shared lending agreements. This page highlights just a few of the many ILL networks that exist within New York.

SEAL (SouthEastern Access to Libraries)


DOCLINE groups

DOCLINE has many local and national lending groups that can be added to routing tables. When added to a routing table, requests will automatically cycle through group members who have the requested journal or book.


SENYLRC: Southeastern NY Library Resources Council region

HILOWPLUS: Health information libraries of Westchester & surrounding counties

New York / General:

CDLC: Capital District Library Resources Council region

CLRC: Central Library Resources Council region

LILRC: Long Island Library Resources Council region

METRO:  Metropolitan Library Resources Council region

SCLRC: South Central Library Resources Council region

RRLC: Rochester Regional Library Council region

WNYLRC: Western New York Library Resources Council region

FREESHARE: a cross-regional group of reciprocal borrowers in DOCLINE. Members agree to exchange materials at no cost.

IDS Project

SUNY Libraries Consortium

OCLC ILL groups

There are many OCLC resource sharing networks (known as GACs) specific to the Southeastern region, and  New York more generally. When placing ILL requests, you can limit potential lending libraries by group by typing their symbol into the "profiled groups" option.

You can search specific GAC members by symbol in the OCLC policies directory.


SYGC: Contains libraries located in the Southeastern NY region. (Contains approx 41 libraries.)

New York / General:

IDSZ: IDS Project members

RMET: Metro Region GAC

RRGC: Capital District Library Council

CNYG: Central New York

NRFG: Northern New York Library Network

GNYS : Statewide New York GAC. (Contains approximately 481 libraries.)

LVIS (Libraries Very Interested In Sharing): a national OCLC network whose members commit to sharing monographs and articles up to 30 pages at no charge for other LVIS participants.

A full list of groups is available on OCLC's website

Southeastern NY Library Resources Council
21 South Elting Corners Road | Highland, NY 12528
Phone: (845) 883-9065