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Special Interest Group Meeting Notes: Collection Development 7/14/2022

Notes from the most recent meetings of special interest groups at Southeastern

July 14, 2022

Southeastern Collection Development SIG


Facilitator: Sarah Northshield



Issues on Collection Development/Weeding:

  • Staffing issues
  • Ordering systems change
  • Fear on not picking the RIGHT items
  • Unfamiliar ordering for the subject area outside of your specialty

Collection Development

  • Academic library tends to pick area of expertise
  • Looking at titles that are pushed by vendors “silver tips” or Highlighted reviews
  • Librarians pick areas that interest them personally
  • Reaching out to vendors who will help train and introduce you to the ordering system


  • Look at the condition
  • Run Reports
  • Look at the stamp date
  • Start with the dusty books
  • Items that need more thought on carts in the office
  • Have a system of checks and balances between staff

What do you do with CD collections or materials that are out of date and not used and you possibly need shelving space?

  • Give it some time - slow progress that eventually the material will fade out not replenishing the material

Where do books go after weeding?

  • Recycle Books
  • Donate to bookstore and resale (Our Friends)
  • McNaughtons go back to vendor
  • Free Books

Which ordering vendor is better? Do you have a preference?

  • Only use Brodart ordering
  • Baker and Taylor
  • Ingram
  • Baker and Taylor slips provide a review easy to read with dewey number
  • Choice cards
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