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Special Interest Group Meeting Notes: Library Support Staff 4/28/2021

Notes from the most recent meetings of special interest groups at Southeastern

April 28 meeting

The meeting was held on Wednesday, April 28, 2021 via Zoom. It was facilitated by Moshe Siegel, Southeastern NY Library Resources Council.



Members from both academic and public libraries in attendance.
Pandemic is not over, but we are starting to transition and readjust. 

What are we rethinking? Employment? Education Goals? Life Goals? Are you valuing certain things more?
One person who just returned to in-person work, felt like it was a weird experience to return, and relearn how everything was placed, and had those feelings of it being like a time warp.
Speaking of changes, one of the possibilities are budget and programming considerations. It can be a concern. A concern is what student hiring an academic library has to do. 

As far as reopening goes, what’s happening? How are things adjusting to CDC guidelines?
One public library is not cleaning anymore. 
One library is opening up to a larger amount of people and getting caught back up with their patrons is a great feeling.
In another place due to the capacity increase and it may take some re-acclimating to this.
In most area libraries the quarantine period for materials has ended.
The security in one area library helps with patrons who take their masks off.
Someone still appreciates the mask at least for preventing other sicknesses. Perhaps even a fashion accessory.
Updating the signage and getting rid of it.

A question came up about students reporting whether they’ve had vaccines, as in students can choose whether or not to report it. This might get personal...
At one place, staff has been open about getting vaccinated, but the concern happens with thinking about if some have not.
Someone commented on the amount of people who shared in general whether or not they were vaccinated. Someone else also commented that requiring it is like requiring a student to provide their other medical records.
A comment was made about the new system that allows you to place your vaccine information in the NYS program so you can go out to events, etc.
Someone commented on how it might be good for others to know whether others around you are vaccinated or not.

The dichotomy is interesting where we are promoting letting others know their vaccine status, and privacy concerns.
Someone is excited since they will be going to an outdoor event very soon. Another participant expressed still being hesitant about doing these kind of things.

Summer reading programs – what’s happening with those? Some places are still rethinking it. 
Resource: CE Link – NYLA Library Skills Academy

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