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Special Interest Group Meeting Notes: Facilities Management 06/29/2022

Notes from the most recent meetings of special interest groups at Southeastern


Trending issues

New equipment - new problems. 


Because of bonding, audits, etc., everything has to be done by the books. You can’t just have anyone unless they have insurance & workers comp for even small jobs.

(Vendors can go online and get a worker’s comp exemption (if you are a single employee) but the onus is on the vendor to get that.)


Relationships and building them help to get a track record of people to help. 


Libraries with elevators need their own support group. The elevators are proprietary: they have to be serviced by the specific elevator company. 


Part-time facilities person for one of the public libraries works about 6 hours a week at 6am & on weekends. They came from an ad online. Having a good handyperson is one of the most helpful resources. 


Security attendant - in Civil Service that person can do some maintenance. There’s also a title for “cleaner” that is a non-competative position. 


How to find contractors? 

What do you do when you don’t find anyone at all to help with the issues? 

Can you get volunteers to help with building issues? [An Eagle Scout has to approach you with a plan, you can’t reach out to them with a request.]

There’s not enough need for a full-time custodian, but could libraries share a person amongst themselves? 

Per regular heat & cooling checks: How do you know that HVAC people are doing what they are supposed to be doing? 


Facilities Template: 

This is designed to be understood by anyone in the building who might need the access at any time. 

Having pictures to illustrate where things are is helpful.

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