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Special Interest Group Meeting Notes: Leadership SIG 03/04/2024

Notes from the most recent meetings of special interest groups at Southeastern

March 4, 2024

The meeting was led by Geralynn Demarest of Columbia-Greene Community College and was held via Zoom. 


Thank you to Jen Park of RCLS for the notes!

 A presentation was provided regarding leadership and management skills in libraries. 

Focus for today: Practices within libraries, framework and models influencing our work, DEI, the library's role, PD in regards to cultural competence, share success stories and experiences

Consider--What are you currently working on and how are you prioritizing your work? Team building, communication plan, customer service, professional development, etc.

"The library is the biggest classroom in the house". 

The book "The Fifth Discipline" provided the framework for discussion.

Personal mastery is a central discipline that provides self-awareness for our own growth and professional development. Take assessments on your own behaviors/motivators. 

Senge describes Systems Thinking as the "fifth discipline" that unifies all principles. 

Are the goals and definitions understood for the organization? What is the rationale for doing this work?

The book "Equity Talk to Equity Walk" was referenced. 

Inclusive leadership is emerging as a new way to assist organizations adapt to diverse customers, ideas, etc.

SWOT Analysis may want to be completed before a new plan is created. 

Create a needs assessment which will intersect and align with strategic priorities and current initiatives.

How do you make your library a welcoming place?
Have small groups of staff get together and get to know each other more. Dr. Bright will be assisting the library with this.
Displays for the month related to representation.
Front facing staff has undergone ally training.

Ask the target population what they need (sensory-friendly hours). 

Do you focus on the internal or external? All the stakeholders; focus internally and it then bleeds out to the external stakeholders--"nothing about us without us". 

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