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Special Interest Group Meeting Notes: Collection Development 3/13/2023

Notes from the most recent meetings of special interest groups at Southeastern

March 13, 2023

The Collection Development SIG was held on Monday, March 13 via Zoom and was facilitated by Yoly Avella of Newburgh Free Library. 


CD's. Audiobooks. What are your feelings? 

Public: I have all the classics on audio, but nothing digital

Academic: don't have many electronic resources, but they're helpful as a parent with a CD player in the car.

Public under renovation: Currently in a small space, decided not to bring any CD's into the new space. They kept 10-20 books on CD. The collection is good, and they have playaways as well, but they're going to give away many of them to the prisons. 

Public: People still want CD's!  Both music and audiobooks.  We have a blind person who just signed up to our outreach program who only wants CD.  We have other older folks who are resistant to YouTube or Hoopla for music. I enjoy both downloadable audio and CD's as I have a CD player in the car. Some people will borrow language learning CD's as well.

Public: We are currently slowly downsizing the BOCD's but are still buying them. Music cd's we are buying very few of and DVD's are still popular where we are located. We do offer Hoopla and have Libby for our patrons.

Public: I still use audiobooks on CD because it's so hard to stream in the car.

Academic: We haven't bought any new CDs in VERY long time, and we're looking into getting Overdrive. We're still buying DVDs though, since we have a popular film program

Academic: It is difficult, especially for some patrons who are less likely to use computers. (

What is more essential? DVDs or CDs? 

DVD's: the content is harder to find than music. 

DVD's are popular with teachers, a lot of social studies content is just on DVD. 

DVD's are great!  I attended a great session at NYLA called Libraries: The Last Great DVD Store (or something like that).  Not everything is available on DVD - especially older material.  We also have a fairly extensive non-fiction DVD collection.

Our streaming services are more focused on academic topics; our DVD collection includes a number of fiction/recreational DVDs

I love ordering classics from Criterion Collection or Kino.  There are so many extras and different versions (extended cut and alternate ending).

interesting book related to this discussion is "On browsing" by Jason Guriel

Interest in foreign language DVD's? 


Foreign/International films are more easily found on DVD than streaming.

We have interest in Foreign Language DVDs for academic uses

We continue to buy all forms of Physical media inspite of spendind a lot on Hoopla, Kanopy and Overdrive . Our overall circ even on music CDs is not yet declining significantly

We have a mix of academic and fictional/recreational DVDs in foreign languages

I have had more requests for online language learning than language learning CDs/DVDs.

Students of foreign languages find that watching films is a great way to learn the language and to understand the culture

Our Foreign dvd's don't circ much but we have a large collection of Hallmark dvd's which go out quite a bit

Microfilm & Microfiche? 

Rockland has been digitizing materials, the rest is in storage. There's more work to be done now that the county money has dried up. I wouldn't throw away the originals, but now they can come up off the main floor. Can they get state money for digitization? (no, they didn't get any.)

Academic: We have legacy micro-film and micro-fiche, we have begin to digitize as this is really useful for patrons

We (at West Point) have newspapers, oral histories and some periodicals on microfilm. As these titles are made available via electronic databases we are able to switch over from film to digital formats

We just have our foreign language collection but nothing specifically for bilingual

Reconfiguring the space? 

We are working on trying to reconfigure our main floor to make room for more meeting spaces

we try to remind folks that electronic books and media are still library resources


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