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Special Interest Group Meeting Notes: Info Lit SIG 08/11/2022

Notes from the most recent meetings of special interest groups at Southeastern

August 11, 2022

The information literacy instruction SIG met on 8/11/22. Lara Sibley of Marist college was the facilitator. 


4 participants: 3 college librarians and 1 high school  LMS


Introduction by Lara Sibley

According to students' reactions, what changes can we revise about instructions? What will “welcome back” look like this school year? Do we need to retool instruction?    

The 3 instruction options: 

1. Distance learning (with video burnout)

2. Blended learning with group work

3. Hands-on activities where we mix instruction with tactile activities


Lara Sibley welcomes students’ questions, uninformed questions, and partial questions.

She wants students to feel comfortable asking at any time during their research.


Academic Librarian tries to convince students who want to leave the campus to stay in the library in order to have social interactions. She presents the library as a collaborative place where students get together and meet their friends     


Another Academic Librarian emphasized the value of the library orientation and collaboration with the faculty. He mentioned that faculty members are often reluctant to collaborate and share their instruction. How do we redesign instruction for first-generation college students who are newcomers and not familiar with college expectations? He encouraged high school librarians to promote academic honesty.


School librarians wondered how to reach out to collaborate with teachers for projects. How do we offer instruction to support students' research skills, work with individual students and provide constant resources?


Tips to share:



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