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Special Interest Group Archive: Info Lit SIG 07/13/2023

These are the notes from meetings dating back to 2015.

July 12, 2023

The information literacy instruction SIG met via Zoom on July 12, 2023. Lara Sibley of Marist College facilitated it. 


Lara Sibley (Marist/host)

  • Introduced concept of “Backward Design” - what are the “big ideas” of library instruction. What should students remember long after instruction concludes?
  • Reference to: Mills, J., Wiley, C., & Williams, J. (2019). “This is what learning looks like!”: Backward design and the framework in first year writing. Portal: Libraries & the Academy, 19(1), 155-175.

  • Complexity of research v. just doing homework or an assignment
  • How to get to the course guide

Community college librarian:


  • Information literacy as a life skill

Academic librarian:

  • Understanding sources and information can come from AI
  • Trying to understand what is real and fact-checking has become harder
  • Fact-check all sources

Will AI make people more skeptical in a good way or more suspicious in a bad way?


Academic Librarian:

  • Are students unaccustomed to traditional news/newspapers as news sources outside of library instruction?

Academic Librarian:

  • Students get news through TikTok, where information is very targeted to individual users
  • Telling students that they can get through news paywalls in the library’s databases and to read beyond titles and headlines

Community College Librarian:

  • Do people know the difference between content on the platforms where they found them and the actual sources: “I found it on EBSCO/Facebook”

Academic Librarian:

  • “Digital natives” don’t always fully understand how information is created and disseminated

Community College Librarian:

  • Teaching students whom information is targeting, understanding there is an algorithm or motivation of those producing information, the “packaging of information”

Academic Librarian:

  • Not just the information life cycle, but the information creation life cycle
  • Arc of creation: who creates it, how is it delivered, who is the intended audience?

Academic Librarian:

  • Should more advanced students (like nurses) be given some kind of “big ideas” spiel? Is it reinforced organically while working on harder research questions with a librarian?

Community College Librarian:

  • Time is a big issue when trying to teach critical thinking and evaluating content; the usual hour or so is inadequate
  • “The world is word”
  • ChatGPT is actually good for developing discussion questions


  • Unanswered questions presented by any one source and getting to the why
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