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Special Interest Group Archive: Library Support Staff 9/13/2021

These are the notes from meetings dating back to 2015.

September 13, 2021

The group met via Zoom on Tuesday, September 13. Moshe Siegel of Southeastern was the facilitator.


Opened with Introductions

  • One library had to start re-adding their mask protocols in light of the update in regulations for their programs. Another had a staggered opening and hybrid classes.
  • Considerations needed to be made, smaller attendance caps. In fact, in some places they are checking temperatures. In others, they are doing periodic COVID checks.
  • Students are not all following protocols regardless of masks being mandatory.
  • Someone commented about hybrid programs via online means and Zoom.
  • In some places curbside was very popular and isn’t going anywhere.
  • Workplace culture check – staff had been stretched thin, burned out, and coverage could be difficult in that situation. Even though workplace changes have been happening, sometimes it ends up working out for the better because there are fresh new perspectives if new staff is hired.
  • A question was posed about innovation and changes. One change was student workers working the reference desk instead of the librarians. 
  • Different libraries are seeing different effects – some libraries are seeing less usage (or less-than-expected usage) due to COVID and some are seeing an influx. 
  • Some things being offered are remote tutoring and outdoor programs. 
  • Library of things: Have these programs expanded, come in at all? Museum passes and wifi hotspots are still popular, and some libraries are starting up a library of things.
  • Staffing and General Notes: One library had a small reduction of staff due to going back to college, and others had increased staff. Also, there are some outside services that libraries facilitate that are taking longer such as passport services, longer wait times on receiving important documents.
  • Collections: There are space limitations, and one library commented there are no more print serials, or ejournals and ebooks. 
  • Games being introduced into libraries – has there been any increase in anyone coming in for fun? Some libraries are experiencing an increase in their game groups. They are spaced out and the mask rules are enforced. 
  • What are people experiencing regarding mask usage? Some libraries are approaching things a little more flexibly. Masks are kindly being offered, and it’s easier to do this with the children. Some libraries have grumbling, yet compliant patrons. 
  • Roaming book rover has been well-accepted. Does not take money. Travels to many locations. More things going on digitally. But some things remaining in-person like the big book sales. Haunted-themed events.                 

Next Meeting: Week of October 15th
Link to the CLRC with more Support Staff meetings: 


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