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Special Interest Group Archive: Resource Sharing 4/28/2020

These are the notes from meetings dating back to 2015.

April 28, 2020 Online Meeting

The virtual Resource Sharing SIG was held on April 28, 2020 online via Zoom. The convener was Judy Gitlin from Dominican College

Notes from the meeting

Resource Sharing SIG 4/28 

  • Have you seen dramatic changes in the volume of requests? 
    • One library is seeing a large reduction in ILL requests. They think it is due to librarians not being able to do bibliographic instruction. (Librarians typically highlight ILL services during instruction.)
    • Another found that ILL was one of the few library services that didn’t see any dramatic reductions. 

  • Is anyone accessing their print resources? 
    • Most libraries are not currently scanning physical items. 
    • However, there are a few ILL libraries that have been accessing their print resources occasionally. 

  • Is anyone having issues with ILLiad?
    • It has a tendency to crash at least once a day. 
    • It can be difficult to figure out where the source of the issue is (OCLC v. institutional issues.) 

  • Requests coming in from students: 
    • It can be a challenge having to explain to students how ILL is working. However, this is a similar issue to when libraries were in person. (People have a tendency to see it as magic.) 

  • Any challenges working from home?
    • Hard to get students things as quickly as before. They don’t know exactly how we get materials so they don’t know exactly what the issue is. 
    • It’s not the service level they’re used to, which can be frustrating. 
    • Students are also making requests for items that are only available in print. It’s hard to know that the items are actually available but not accessible. 

  • What will it look like to open up?
    • Concern is: if we’re one of the few people who are open, it could cause an overwhelming amount of requests. 
    • How is it going to look (how many staff will come in a day, how will people stay apart, what are the other logistical issues?) 
    • Some are considering curbside pick-up for faculty and students. 
    • It might be a good idea to have a library drop-off box at the residence halls (some students are being allowed to come and pick up their belongings). 

  • How are people spending their time as ILL workloads decrease? 
    • Cleaning e-resources and holdings. 
    • Coursera course: Copyright for Educators and Librarians ( 

  • RapidILL has a covid-19 pod that people can join. 

  • How are public libraries planning to re-open?
    • NY Library systems trying to coordinate opening efforts

  • Methods for keeping materials and library spaces safe: 
    • Isolating books for a set period of time Reducing the amount of circulating books 
    • Implementing recommendations from NEDCC (
    • Some computers are really close together. One suggestion was to put dividers between computers. 
    • One library put “out of order” signs on every other computer. You can also take away chairs for the computers. 
    • Potential issue: a lot of students will just take chairs or keyboards from other computers. 
    • Putting a plastic barrier at the circulation desk, or plastic barriers in between. 
    • Are there issues with the costs of implementing safety measures? 
    • If there are shortages with masks and other materials, is it right for libraries to be using them? 

  • Budget cuts -  how long is it going to be possible to order books and materials for students as needed?
    • Some libraries have been told not to do any spending. 
    • The cost of e-books can be quite high. 

Next SIG scheduled for May 26th, 10-11 am.

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