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Special Interest Group Archive: Library Instruction SIG 3/11/2021

These are the notes from meetings dating back to 2015.

March 11

The Information Literacy Instruction SIG was held on March 11, 2021 via Zoom. It was facilitated by Nancy Murillo of SUNY Orange.


- Embedded Librarian program at some colleges. Some college libraries are open, some are not. 



-The SIFT model

 New York Times Article:

From chat: “The SIFT model uses lateral reading: Which encourages readers to move outside a source to learn more about the source. Wikipedia is a useful tool to learn about sources.”


-The Why Method

Works for high school and college transition., .gov are reliable sources. Some .orgs are reliable.


-Project with wikipedia? Can be used as an opportunity to fact check. A stepping stone for peer review.


-First year students created projects for other students to understand information creation. 


-Faculty outreach? Some places have had more interest in remote library instruction this year since some buildings are still closed. Instruction being delivered on Zoom.


-How to engage the students? Use chat box, ask about their topics, a few students responded. Ask all the students to find an article even if they already know how to research topics. 


-Some librarians may have different ways of research.


-Engage using pop culture references as an example.


-Have students find their own way of navigating the library. Explore.

-Co-teaching may have benefits. Maybe between high school and college or college and college. 


-Some students and teachers may feel comfortable only using certain databases for certain topics. 


-Using Blackboard and requiring reply posts help with assessment.


-What will you miss about remote teaching? Recording the sessions. Online teaching may have helped one teach better. It will be interesting to see how we transition back to in-person. If we’re sick, are we just going to work from home? Will remote ever completely go away? Normalize people wearing masks if they are under the weather but are still running errands.


-Video chatting is beneficial. Preferred by some over text chatting. 


-Could video office hours become a thing? Wondering if colleges will increase distance programs. 


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