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Special Interest Group Archive: ONLINE Tech SIG 3/26/2020

These are the notes from meetings dating back to 2015.

March 26, 2020 notes

The Tech SIG met online via Zoom. Denise Garofalo convened the meeting, and these are notes.

The originals can be viewed on a shared document here.

Technology SIG March 26, 2020

Convener: Denise Garofalo, Mount Saint Mary College



Privacy Announcement:


  • This meeting is not being recorded
  • We are not using tracking software to keep track of attendees
  • You are welcome to keep your camera off
  • We will take notes on a shared document which we’ll keep anonymous
  • We will record who logs in for our records.







It’s hard working on smaller screens, a lot of people have Chromebooks. There’s not much you can do about it, but it’s worth being aware that might be an issue.


There’s an overload of lists and links. All the publishers who are opening up open access tools, trying to keep track of all these things.

Advice: It’s OK if things aren’t perfect. You’re not possibly going to be aware of everything or know about everything.


People who are on different service providers is a problem. For instance, at Vassar, the proxy servers don’t always work with Comcast and Spectrum. 


How are you dealing with the isolation? Not going to a place where people are all the time?

Advantages to working from home: we’re actually working to make more connections, getting better at seeing each other virtually when we don’t usually get the chance. You can enjoy it and take it slow. There’s a possibility of seeing people’s pajama pants!


You have to really make yourself get up. There’s so much work to be done at the desk, especially with the barrage of information. You can do meetings and webinars all day.


Not having the commute is a nice change of pace. 


Are other people being delegated work from their managers? Are there other ideas of how we can reach out to our communities to be resourceful? Or outreach to the community?

Virtual community groups on topics that could be sponsored by the library. 

Contact presenters to do Facebook events or other live presentations instead of their in-person presentations.

Now could be the time to start sharing and uploading digital documents. 


Boredom kits and Zoom activities for students that are stuck at home or on campus (DL scavenger hunt, college history Quizzo, Zoom pictionary using white board feature, etc.)


How do you share a picture on Zoom?

You can share your screen if the photo is up on your computer.

I think this is ONLY in the desktop client:

Using In-Meeting file transferDuring a Zoom meeting click on Chat. Select More and choose the option to Share file in meeting to send a file.

for gaming (educational or otherwise)… discord is pretty good


How can teachers keep things private when using this technology with students? 

isn't that a guideline that parents should be in on?  like, setting expectations for remote teaching?

e.g.  "be on time.  turn off your video.  be prepared, have all your materials in front of you when the session begins."

We all got thrown into this, so we need to set expectations for how virtual rooms are run, both for classrooms and for community meetings. 




Google teach from home hub


NYC Doctors are looking for people who have had COVID to share plasma. Bill Merchant knew of the doctor who could vouch for that. 


Nicole is making masks with materials she has (quilting cotton inside, duck cloth outside, & ¼ elastic), with assistance from a family friend who has machinery to die cut the fabric. For more info on materials needed and patterns see: Also, Joann fabrics has mask kits with pre-cut fabric and elastic that you can pick up and either donate upon completion back to Joann’s for distribution or send to those you know need them.



Complete help in breakout rooms in Zoom 


Help with other aspects of Zoom ( special Zoom section) 



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