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Special Interest Group Archive: Cataloging 12/9/2019

These are the notes from meetings dating back to 2015.

Notes from the December 9, 2020 meeting

MARCEdit functions to be discussed:

  • Editor tools
  • Breaking and building MARC
  • Where to start
  • Turning a CSV spreadsheet into MARC records (or OAI harvested metadata into MARC), also MARC to CSV
  • OAI harvesting
  • Saving small batches of MARC files from a large file of MARC records
  • Remote Z39.50 from open repositories

Group work:

demo of downloading and manipulating (example set from Alexander Street Press)

Can open MARC Tools (entry into breaking tools etc.)

Or can open MarcEditor and open from there, but has to be .mrk (broken format)

Or can double-click on file you want to edit, and it'll be opened up in MARC Tools with the MARC Breaker option selected (if it's .mrc) or in the Editor (if it's .mrk)

Option offered to edit records from tool. Or you can open it from the destination file

Examples of Find/Replace (example of adding information to the start of a field). Replace needs entire line with equals sign number and indicators for correct positioning

Examples of add/delete functions via Tools (within MarcEditor)—Add/Delete field)(example, inserting a local field, adding genre headings)

RDA Helper (changes AACR2 style records to RDA with various options for checking)

From EDIT. Find for example “edited”, then use “Jump to record” to add relator codes to all editors (Edit screen stays open so you can get to other bibs in set)

Can find and edit information within a subfield (don’t need all subfield string included)

With Edit Subfield tool can add information when not present (for example, Author in 100), or change information in the LDR to suppress records from discovery

Can edit indicators (for example, if adding missing series information, can change 490 0\ to 490 1\)

“Special undo” undoes your last action

Can automate by creating Tasks (Tools – Manage Tasks to set up, Tools – Assigned Tasks –Currently available tasks to execute)

Edit – UTF8 character map (or MARCEdit character map) to copy/paste and fix data in bibs

Can break record sets into smaller groups via MARCSplit (if not on main screen can get via gear icon in the lower right of screen). Can specify # of records or # of files for results

Can use REPORTS for field counts, how many times certain fields occurred (custom), etc. Can get reports in XML format, CSV, etc.

Can use Reports – MARC Validator to make sure MARC is kosher. Can also use Reports – Validate headings to check authorities against authority files and fix unauthorized or incorrect headings

Once done can Compile file into MARC (.mrc)—good practice to give slightly different name to differentiate from original file

MARCEdit Delimited Text Translator can map from CSV file to MARC (must specify which fields to import, what fields/subfields they map to, etc.)

Under Export Tab Delimited can translate MARC source record into CSV (have to specify fields for export, etc.). Then can open Excel and via Data import from .txt file for manipulation

Authorities validation: Can add URIs to 1xx/6xx/7xx fields via MARCNext (searches by default). Make sure to validate authorities before you do this, so it can grab correct authorities for $0 or $1 (viaf)

Example of OAI harvesting from Bard Digital Commons had bugs—Amber will follow up with later email re: process

When copying OAI data, make sure to view page source and copy from there, to eliminate html coding embedded in data

Lots of guides from users online, can Google issues and usually find pages and videos, etc.

Can search external catalogs via Z39.50/SRU client tool. Can add new Z39.50 ports to list for searching (look up via Google). Can also search more than one at once

Can batch search via Z39.50/SRU Client. Can create text files of ISBNs, for example, and click the batch search box, select file with ISBNs, specify results name, and execute. Will save results as .mrc file to be broken and edited

For 2020: considering figuring out logistics of NACO training and joining NY/NJ NACO Funnel (what’s needed, gathering resources, etc.). SACO in 2021?

notes in image form

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