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Special Interest Group Archive: Leadership 9/28/2021

These are the notes from meetings dating back to 2015.

September 28, 2021

The Leadership and Management Skills SIG was facilitated by Joanna Goldfarb of RCLS and held via Zoom on Tuesday, September 28, 2021


Homework: Identify an organization and/or manager who is working very well and report back on what is happening there.  

Styker: Work/life balance and growth 

Manager: Was heavily involved in assisting the employees with accommodations. Felt that she knew what was going on all the time. Felt comforted by her knowledge, presence, and leadership. 

Board meetings were steered by leadership. Would place a seed of what they would like to happen and let the conversation evolve from it.  

I had a Director who communicated openly and frequently, she was authentic in her caring about her team and their needs.  It is important that everyone feels heard and validated. 

Customize management style to each person. Team meetings occurred that would bring people together. Trusted you would do the job and if you run into issues you would go talk to him. Clarity in speaking and writing is a must and whenever there is a meeting there is a follow-up email with the information shared.  

Wegmans: Promote within and when someone becomes a manager they are still scheduled times in which they are still on their floor (or at a cash register).  

After going around and hearing about these companies, can you identify anything they have in common? Are there any differences that stand out to you?  

Similarities from these responses: Communication (they have the whole story, they work to the best of their workers’ responsibilities, and they support their employees). Trust (if I trust my leader and I trust they have our best interest as well as the company’s best interest then I’m more willing to do what it takes to help out). They also have a clear vision of what they want—what they’re leading someone to and how they want their organization to be viewed in the community. It’s also understanding your employees and what their strengths and interests are. When you don't communicate well, people fill in their knowledge gaps with conclusions that might not be the truth. When you do communicate well, people trust that you have the best interest of others in mind. Be open to communication and questions.  

How do we, as leaders/managers, convey that we want questions asked? Ask the questions in person in order to get a more genuine answer.  

Personal questions are appreciated (ex: how was your vacation?). Communication mode is important. Some are more likely to ask questions through a chat service.  

Work/Life Balance: You need to be able to take your personal and vacation time in order. Can work from home instead of coming or it’s ok to have just one person in the office. Encourage people in balancing HOW they take time off—I can take vacation quarterly. Mental health is physical health—take that time off.  

Think about a past job, library or otherwise. Is there a manager who stood out to you in a positive way? Why do you think they stood out?  

What are ways you can implement one of these practices into your library/ management style?  

Effective leadership may look different based on your personality or industry. Based on what we spoke about today, what will your next step be to become a more effective leader? 


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