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Special Interest Group Archive: Leadership SIG 2/3/2022

These are the notes from meetings dating back to 2015.

February 3, 2022

The Leadership and Management Skills SIG was facilitated by Joanna Goldfarb of RCLS and held via Zoom on Thursday, February 3, 2022.


The Leadership SIG met at 9:30 on February 3rd to discuss the upcoming advocacy week in March.   Joanna Goldfarb of RCLS facilitated this SIG.

Library Advocacy Day is March 2nd 2022, but the event is being held virtually again this year, March 1st through 4th with a backup date of February 28th to meet with legislators.

The discussion of the SIG focused on what Advocacy Day is about and how to become involved in standing up for libraries.

This is an annual event that a number of the participating librarians on the SIG have attended in the past, but not everybody.  This year’s concern for libraries is the large cut in the state budget for library construction aid, but the overall purpose is to show how valuable libraries are and connecting with legislators to gain their support.

How do you encourage people to speak up at advocacy week?

  • Taking a teen group to speak makes an impact
  • Gathering success stories to share with legislators, such as rallying a community to stand for their library after a bond failure
  • Talk to as many people as possible about libraries to increase library awareness

It was pointed out that with the event being held virtually, it is easy to pop in on a session to participate.

How does the Zoom advocacy day work?

  • Different library systems are scheduling sessions with their legislators
  • Once meetings are scheduled, agendas will be sent for people to sign up
  • The Senate and the Assembly are in session, so sometimes we meet with the Chief of Staff or an aid
  • A folder of information is mailed to the legislators beforehand
  • People enter the Zoom room to participate

What can we do to encourage people to be advocates?

  • Collect stories and keep them in a folder. Stories are really important because they stick in people’s minds. Facts and figures are easily forgotten, stories remain
  • Ask library super-users/trusted patrons to participate
  • Do a run through on using Zoom so people know how to participate

Some suggestions before attending:

  • Know who your assemblyperson and senators are
  • What types of bills are they supporting?
  • What are some fun facts?
  • Check out their social media for information

The next discussion lead for the SIG will be Elizabeth Portillo, April 27th at 9:30am.

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