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Special Interest Group Archive: Information Literacy 01/25/2018

These are the notes from meetings dating back to 2015.

January 25, 2018

The Information Literacy SIG met on January 25, 2018 at Southeastern. The meeting was facilitated by Jen Park of Mount Saint Mary College. The focus of the meeting was on marketing information literacy. 

Notes from the meeting

Marketing of Information Literacy: What does information literacy look like on your campus? 

Is Information Literacy embedded into freshman experience classes? If so, how:

  • Freshman experience classes
  • Interactive sessions
  • Class visits
  • Exercises involving plagiarism
  • One credit info lit class that every student has to take while at the college, which is blended online and in person
  • Partner librarian initiative. Each student received their own librarian. For some assignments, students get credit for meeting with the librarian and verifying sources.
  • Rely on professors to come to the library and request instruction
  • See all first year students through their mandatory English class
How do you reach upper level classes?
  • Upper level classes are on demand
Do you have liaison librarians?
  • Yes, divided by department.
Ideas for engagement with faculty and students.
  • Students receive credit for getting library help
What are you already doing to market information literacy?
  • Email to faculty
  • Word of mouth
  • Libguide to schedule a session form
  • Professional to personal relationships
  • Self promotion of unique IL sessions
  • Departmental meetings
  • Campus Development day
  • Specialty library tours
What would you like to try to  market information literacy?
  • Flyers
  • Physical materials
  • Library swag
What hot topics are you covering?
  • Fake news
  • life necessity
Who are we targeting with information literacy marketing?
  • Targeting faculty
  • To reach students and faculty
What other methods have you tried or want to try to market Information Literacy?
  • Social media: facebook page for the library
  • Newsletter
  • Print letters to students about personal librarian program
  • Roving reference
  • Information Literacy program menu for faculty
  • Committees:
    • Outline access
    • Curriculum committee
    • Academic assessment committee
How do you schedule Information literacy sessions?
  • Direct email
  • In-person visits from faculty
  • Meeting people outside the library
  • Online ERM
    • upload assignments/syllabus
    • curriculum design/ course design
Have you branded your Information Literacy. What do you call it in your library? What's in the name? What works?
  • library skills
  • research skills
Branding ideas: 
  • Add Informational Literacy international logo to the libguide or other Information Literacy materials
  • Read the article, "Sell What They're Buying: Marketing Information Literacy," in Review College & Research Libraries News
How do you assess the marketing of information literacy? Are you tracking how people learned about info lit classes?
  • This would make an excellent topic for research. 
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