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Special Interest Group Archive: Library Support Staff 2/24/2021

These are the notes from meetings dating back to 2015.

February 24, 2021

The meeting was held on Wednesday, February 24 via Zoom. It was facilitated by Moshe Siegel, Southeastern NY Library Resources Council.


Last meeting – we looked back at the year. So where are we this year?

POK – both branches are open regular hours, and curbside is still available. Computers are open and a lot of the programming is virtual, they’re starting to do some in-person programming. They’re trying to figure out how that will change going forward.

DCC campus is still closed. I work in the library 3 days a week and remotely 2 days.

I am in the office Monday-Friday, but will work from home on inclement weather days. Our Library is open to students, faculty, and staff at West Point. We have a pick up service. The foot traffic isn't as heavy. We do offer a chat service for our students who need assistance with research.

SUNY NP is doing curbside pickup as well, and is doing more social media outreach in the community.

MSMC Library was open regular hours, staff were working staggered schedule. We are on pause now till March 1st.

Nyack Library is open by appointment only. 20 min for browsing and 30 min for computer usage and also curbside

Hyde Park Library is open regular hours. Curbside is available twice a week for people who need it. People are allowed in 30 minutes at a time, but computer usage is now stopped. Too many people have not been wearing their masks, and the staff is getting anxious for each other. They’re doing virtual book clubs and story times.

Policing of mask wearing is a thing!

FPL is open after 2 week closed, but now they’re open again for everything. It’s hard to get people off the computers. There’s supposed to be a limit of 10 people including staff.

Have other academics in the room been doing outreach to the community and students?

Advocacy for library workers getting listed as front line staff. Are we essential or not?

How much does your institution involve support staff with Advocacy week?

FPL went to a prep meeting with RCLS. They’re going to the assembly member meeting.

The issue of getting library workers listed as 1b for vaccines is currently in front of the governor.

General issues:

One book vendor has been sending shipments to the wrong institutions and things are being processed incorrectly. Books are not being processed correctly. They are blaming the pandemic, and it’s very hard to reach someone at customer service.

Have any libraries had to lay off staff?  Our evening and weekend staff were let go since we are closed. I am wondering how the staffing will look once we reopen.  They are on a recall list, and if they don't come back it will take a while to fill those positions.

MSMC lost two part-timers.

April 28 at 1:30.

Southeastern NY Library Resources Council
21 South Elting Corners Road | Highland, NY 12528
Phone: (845) 883-9065